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A podcast about embracing uncertainty and change. Through dynamic 15 minute conversations with executive expats, experts, and leaders from around the world, we aim to create a space for collective learning and moving forward together!

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Episode 1: Driving Change
Guest: Cauê Nascimento
Role: Sales Director of Customer Development
Company: The Heinz Kraft Company
Location: Toronto, Canada
Episode 2: High-performing Teams
Guest: Fernando Wey
Role: Global Marketing Director
Location: Boston & Chicago
Episode 3: Developing Cultural Intelligence
Guest: Mariana Barros
Role: Interculturalist, Founder, CEO
Company: Differänce
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Episode 4: Creative Leadership
Guest: Jaakko Tammela
Role: Creative Leader
Company: Accenture Design & Innovation Consultancy
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Episode 5: Focus on your Customer
Guest: Ricardo Hvenegaard
Role: Marketing Innovation EMEA
Company: McCain Foods
Location: Lille, France
Episode 6: Growth and Executive Coaching
Guest: Flemming Morgan
Role: Executive Coach
Company: The Preston Associates
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Episode 7: Sustainability, Purpose, and Profits
Guest: Ilaina Rabbat
Role: Co-founder/Executive Director
Company: Amani Institute
Location: São Paulo / Bangalore / Nairobi
Episode 8: You can design your life!
Guest: Yvonne Hendrych
Role: ex-Lawyer turned Life Design & Mindset Coach
Company: Workinbalance
Location: São Paulo / Munich
Episode 9: Agility as an Agent of Change
Guest: Indra Books
Role: Founder & CEO / Agile Coach
Company: Agility for All
Location: Barcelona / Wash. D.C.
Episode 10: What is AQ and why you need it so much!
Guest: Jessica Brightenfeld
Role: Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Therapist
Company: Engage Training
Location: Barcelona / Canada
Episode 11: It’s All About Relocation!
Guest: Michele Bramstoft
Role: Businesswoman, Thought leader
Company: Copenhagen Relocations / Charlie’s Roof
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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