Ensuring Business During a Time of Crisis

The 15 day State of Emergency declared in Spain last March 14th, 2020 has already been extended and is highly likely to be further extended until mid May. Olympic Advisors has been operating on contingency measures since March 13th for the safety of the Team and our Clients.

Our Team, Clients, partners and colleagues are our first priority and to ensure meeting their needs and adding value in a highly volatile, uncertain global environment, we have been working to update and strengthen company processes and operations by commiting to an organization wide digital transformation started in early 2019. It is thanks to this ongoing transformation process, a robust quality policy in place (EGQS certified since 2009) and over 25 years of experience in mobility and relocation management, we were prepared to safely continue supporting our Team, Clients, partners and colleagues by following our Business Continuity Plan as outlined below.


Establishing the objectives of our Business Continuity Plan for this situation.

  • Definining and prioritizing the Critical Functions of our business to ensure their continuity within the emergency situation
  • Ensuring Key Business Contacts, Clients and Transferees timely communication of relevant messages
  • To keep the needs of the different interested parties and related stakeholders a priority
  • To ensure flexibility and agility in our processes for the duration of the emergency situation


Establishing company measures during the emergency situation.

  • Relying on our secure data management system, Relotalent and our shared cloud space, our teams will work from home for the duration of the situation and until further notice
  • Availability during regular business hours will be maintained while working remotely
  • Daily group callouts via group chat/web to manage exceptional situations that are coming up
  • Regular updates to the BCP which is a live document on our shared cloud space
  • Regular communication of relevant changes


Coordinated implemention of the Plan.

To date, support is still being provided, but services such as home finding and local registrations at government offices are highly restricted.

We will continue to support our Clients, Transferees, colleagues and expat community to the best of our ability. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at customercare@oasl.net. In the meantime, we are here and you can count on us!

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