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Assignment Highlights

The following is data recorded of the development of select mobility assignments presenting different specificities. The first line in each column states the purpose of the assignment, the second line states the industry, the third and fourth number of employees and given time frame for the assignments. The final two rows state the particular assignment technicality and the mobility management solution worked on to ensure successful delivery.


F & B
  • 120 Transferees
  • 6 month deadline
  • Assignment Technicality: objective of finding 120 similar apartments in a determined area for an incoming group in a limited time frame.
  • Mobility management solution: looking beyond regular channels, we executed a specific plan to scout determined area in person to find the properties.

Inside Sales

  • 180 Transferees
  • 2 year time frame
  • Assignment technicality: it was the first international relocation for the majority of the EEs.
  • Mobility management solution: Ongoing expectations management addressing cultural, economic, social scope of living in the Spanish city to ensure a positive and successful experieince.


  • 150 Transferees
  • 3 month deadline
  • Assignment technicality: to ensure residency compliance and local registration in a limited time frame.
  • Mobility management solution: assign dedicated team members to oversee and coordinate the assignment and relying on additional agents on the field to work with transferees.


  • 50 Transferees
  • 6 month time frame
  • Assignment technicality: managing relocation for a management group mostly joining from different companies.
  • Mobility management solution: further steps in work procedures with HR put in place to handle and monitor the transition and proactively address any possible issues in their relocation.


  • 80 Transferees
  • 14 month time frame
  • Assignment technicality: preview trips for EEs whose future within the company depended on them relocating to their company’s new location in Spain.
  • Mobility management solution: modification of the service delivery procedure to include more one on one time to address concerns in person.
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