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Confinement in Spain: Do’s, Don’ts and Doubts Addressed


Royal Decree 463/2020, in effect since March 14, 2020, declares Spain to be in a state of emergency. This measure, taken for effective management of the health crisis situation caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19, establishes significant limitations […]

Confinement in Spain: Do’s, Don’ts and Doubts Addressed2020-12-09T17:28:42+00:00

10 Things To Do In Case of COVID-19 Symptoms in Spain


Facing any kind of medical situation is always difficult, when facing it in a foreign country though it can be very scary to say the least. Although we wish everyone health and safety above all, we share the following recommendations from the Spanish Health Authorities hoping that it can help anyone in need. Here [...]

10 Things To Do In Case of COVID-19 Symptoms in Spain2020-12-09T17:28:49+00:00

Emergency Contact Numbers in Spain


Moving to a new country can be a challenge! Once you relocate, absolutely everything is unknown, possibly even the language and you don’t know anyone at first. One detail which can easily get overlooked in the quest to settle-in to your new destination is knowing your local emergency numbers [...]

Emergency Contact Numbers in Spain2020-12-09T17:28:58+00:00

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