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Agility: Change Agent


What is agility and what is your company doing to establish a more agile and proactive organization?  Not having an answer to these questions is a liability in an ever-present VUCA world. On the Agility as an Agent for Change episode of Ready, Mindset, Go!, we had a conversation with Indra Books, Agile Coach, founder, [...]

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Spanish Food Series Part IV: Ensaimadas


The Ensaimada de Mallorca is a traditional Mallorquin pastry that was traditionally consumed during parties and celebrations since the early 17th century. The pastry is made out of flour, sugar, water, eggs and pig’s fat manteca or saïm in Mallorquin which is what gives it its name. (Sorry, not traditionally vegan but you can [...]

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Expats and CQ


On the Developing Cultural Intelligence episode of Ready, Mindset, Go!, we had a conversation with Mariana Barros, interculturalist, founder, and CEO of Differänce Intercultural Consultants. The conversation around CQ is full of insight which we've highlighted in the free downloadable document below. Welcome to share! Click here to download the Cultural Intelligence sheet [...]

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Spanish TV Series


In a time when we are relying on shows to relax and wind down at night or for weekend entertainment, why not add variety by adding the latest Spanish shows to your viewing list? The rise in popularity of Spanish TV series on the international scene seems to have only begun to pick [...]

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Spanish Museums


Not being able to travel to Spain doesn't mean you can't enjoy the rich artistic culture displayed at some of its word renown museums. Artists like Dali, Goya, Picasso, and Velazquez amongst many others have contributed an invaluable legacy for the world to admire. For a quiet evening exploring Spanish art, we recommend [...]

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Spanish Cinema


Spanish cinema has achieved much due recognition in recent years. Spanish filmmakers such as Luis Buñuel, considered one of the greatest Directors in this art, or  Pedro Almodovar, Alejandro Amenábar, Juan Antonio Bardem, Iciar Bollain, and Oriole Paulo have all achieved universal recognition and their films have had international success stories. This achievement [...]

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Spanish Food Series Part III: Tortilla de Patatas


Today’s cooking series recipe is none other than the traditional Tortilla de Patatas, aka, Spanish Omelette. This dish which is traditional in Spanish cuisine is humbly made with the most staple ingredients in our pantries: […]

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Ensuring Business During a Time of Crisis


The 15 day State of Emergency declared in Spain last March 14th, 2020 has already been extended and is highly likely to be further extended until mid May. Olympic Advisors has been operating on contingency measures since March 13th for the safety […]

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Spanish Food Series Part II: Gazpacho


The days are slowly getting longer in Spain and Spring is undoubtedly in the air. With the sun now coming in brightly and as part of our Spanish Food Series, we share the infamous sunny weather recipe for Gazpacho! This traditional dish from Andalucía, southern Spain, makes for a [...]

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