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F.M.R., Director Human Relations

Sara Lee

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H.J.vP., President
Sara Lee Southern Europe


Planning on moving your staff or yourself to Barcelona, Madrid, or elsewhere in Spain?

Our company, founded over 20 years ago, is a leader in providing a broad range of Relocation Services to Spain or a foreign assignment for executives and their families (of international and Spanish firms) as well as to private relocating families.

We offer

  • Our outstanding team of caring, knowledgeable, motivated, multilingual Directors and Client Service Managers who have also lived abroad
  • Excellent communications, response time and guaranteed follow up
  • Commitment to our clients and transferees, prepared to go the extra mile for you!
  • Our services on a highly cost effective basis

With our commitment to excellence we manage standard long-term (three to five year) and medium-term (one to three year) assignments as well as short-term (less than one year) assignments successfully as demonstrated by innumerable letters of reference received reflecting our excellent performance from our many satisfied clients.



Please contact us - we look forward to helping you with your Relocation to Spain!


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